Me at Middleton Place in Charleston, South Carolina

Who am I?

I'm Ellen. I'm a former Midwestern now living in the South. Two of my hobbies is to visit Revolutionary War historical sites and take photos. This website showcases some of my "history travels."

Why am I interested in history?

It comes from my mother. She is a big history buff, and when I was younger our family vacations usually revolved traveling to some historical places. I guess it rubbed off on me. When I was little, I even created a time-traveling journalist who would go back in history to report on events in the Revolutionary War. Yes, I realize that is really geeky.

My favorite place to visit

Charleston! Charleston! Charleston! What I miss most about living in South Carolina is being able to take a day trip to Charleston. Not only is the city beautiful, but there is so much history there. Plus one of my favorite miniseries, "North and South," took place there. (I may have gone to Boone Hall and the Calhoun Mansion twice because they were featured in the miniseries)

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